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Congratulations on Wenyuan Zhang and Jianrui Zhang's article being accepted by Small!

Recently, the article "In Vitro Detection of S100B and Severity Evaluation of Traumatic Brain Injury Based on Biometric Peptide Modified Nanochannels" co authored by our research group and Associate Professor Zhang Lu's research group has been accepted by Small Journal! Master's student Wenyuan Zhang and Postdoc.   Jianrui Zhang are co first authors, with corresponding authors being Prof. Kai Xiao and Prof. Lu Zhang.


Abstract: The diagnosis and evaluation of traumatic brain injury (TBI) are crucial steps toward the treatment and prognosis of patients. A common question remains as to whether it is possible to introduce an ideal device for signal detection and evaluation that can directly connect digital signals with TBI, thereby enabling prompt response of the evaluation signal and sensitive and specific functioning of the detection process. Herein, a method is presented utilizing polymetric porous membranes with TRTK-12 peptide-modified nanochannels for the detection of S100B (a TBI biomarker) and assessment of TBI severity. The method leverages the specific bonding force between TRTK-12 peptide and S100B protein, along with the nanoconfinement effect of nanochannels, to achieve high sensitivity (LOD: 0.002 ng mL−1) and specificity (∆I/I0: 44.7%), utilizing ionic current change as an indicator. The proposed method, which is both sensitive and specific, offers a simple yet responsive approach for real-time evaluation of TBI severity. This innovative technique provides valuable scientific insights into the advancement of future diagnostic and therapeutic integration devices.

Link: https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.202306809

Article classification: 研究进展新闻动态
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