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Congratulation to Prof. Kai Xiao for being appointed as the Youth Editorial Board Member of JBE!

Congratulations to Associate Professor Kai Xiao for being appointed as the first Youth Editorial Board Member of Journal of Bionic Engineering!




Journal Introduction:

Journal of Bionic Engineering is an English academic publication jointly published and distributed by Science Press and Springer, sponsored by Jilin University and supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. In 2022, it was ranked as Class 2 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with an IF of 4. Professor Ren Luquan, an academician of the CAS Member, is the founder and editor in chief of this journal. Founded in 2004 and less than four years ago, it was successively included in the international important retrieval systems EI (Engineering Index) and SCI (Scientific Citation Index).

This journal mainly publishes original papers and review articles on bionics and bionic engineering. This includes basic research in animal and plant biomimetics, as well as the application of these basic studies in engineering, technology, and design. This journal aims to promote scientific research and provide a platform for exchanging new ideas, theories, and technologies in the fields of bionics and bionic engineering.

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