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Welcome Professor Oliver G. Schmidt, academician of the German Academy of Sciences, to visit!

On November 17, 2023, at the invitation of Associate Professor Kai Xiao, Professor Oliver G. Schmidt, a member of the German Academy of Sciences and Chief Scientist in the field of Microsystems and Semiconductor Technology at the Technical University of Chemnitz in Germany, visited our department and gave a presentation entitled "3D Microarchitectures for FlexibleElectronics, Photonics, EnergyStorage and Tiny Robots".

Professor Oliver G. Schmidt has served as the director of the Leibniz Institute of Solids and Materials (IFW Dresden) for many years. Since 2007, he has been appointed as a full professor at the University of Technology of Leibniz. In 2012, he collaborated with IFW Dresden to establish Europe's first "Center for Nanofilm Materials, Architecture, and Integration" (Main), leading the world in research on new material structures, properties, and integrated devices; As a pioneer in the field of integrated optoelectronics internationally, Professor Schmidt has made a lot of groundbreaking work and achieved a series of breakthrough results. He has published more than 850 papers (including 65 cover articles) in high-level journals such as Nature, NatureMaterials, and Nature Physics, with a total citation of over 45000 times and an H-index of 111. He has been rated as a globally highly cited scholar by Korui Weian for many consecutive years. So far, Professor Schmidt has received 16 scientific awards, particularly the highest award in Germany in 2018, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, and was elected as a member of the German Academy of Sciences in the same year.


Professor Oliver G. Schmidt shared the latest research progress and areas of interest of their research group in the report, and had scientific discussions with teachers and students present, greatly stimulating their research thinking.



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