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Congratulation to Senyao Wang and Minghui Wu for their article being accepted by the Device journal!

Recently, our group's review article "Dopamine detection and integration in neuromorphic devices for applications in artistic intelligence" was accepted by the Device journal! Research assistant Senyao Wang and postdoctoral researcher Minghui Wu are co first authors, with corresponding authors are Dr. Junjun Liu, Prof. Yang Tian and Prof. Kai Xiao.


Abstract: Neuromorphic devices play a pivotal role in reshaping artificial intelligence, brain-like computing, and neuroprostheses by emulating the intricate computational processes of the human brain. However, current neuromorphic technologies primarily rely on electrical signals, overlooking the indispensable role of neurotransmitter-mediated chemical signaling in biological organisms. This review explores methodologies for detecting the key neurotransmitter dopamine, including microdialysis, optical, and electrochemical techniques. The exploration extends to the integration of these detection methods with neuromorphic devices, highlighting the imperative to comprehend both electrical and chemical signaling for precise emulation of neural processes. By bridging this gap, we can unlock the full potential of neuromorphic technology, resulting in more sophisticated and human-like artificial intelligence systems.

Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.device.2024.100284

Article classification: 新闻动态研究进展
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