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Congratulations on Mei Tingting and Hongjie Zhang's article being accepted in the Acs Nano!


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Recently, our group's review article "Bioinsipired Artistic Ion Pumps" was accepted by the Acs Nano journal! The authors of the paper are research assistant Tingting Mei and doctoral student Hongjie Zhang , and the corresponding author is Prof. Kai Xiao.

Abstract: Ion pumps are important membrane-spanning transporters that pump ions against the electrochemical gradient across the cell membrane. In biological systems, ion pumping is essential to maintain intracellular osmotic pressure, to respond to external stimuli, and to regulate physiological activities by consuming adenosine triphosphate. In recent decades, artificial ion pumping systems with diverse geometric structures and functions have been developing rapidly with the progress of advanced materials and nanotechnology. In this Review, bioinspired artificial ion pumps, including four categories: asymmetric structure-driven ion pumps, pH gradient-driven ion pumps, light-driven ion pumps, and electron-driven ion pumps, are summarized. The working mechanisms, functions, and applications of those artificial ion pumping systems are discussed. Finally, a brief conclusion of underpinning challenges and outlook for future research are tentatively discussed.


Article classification: 新闻动态研究进展
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